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Mariela and Jon

Katherine married us on 8/31/2018 in Leu Gardens. From the moment we spoke on the phone prior to our initial meeting we loved her already. You can already tell that she is such a wonderful person and you have nothing to worry about. She was such a trooper at our wedding rehearsal in the horrible humidity and mosquito bites and an upset flower girl. The day of the ceremony she handled all obstacles so well and gave us such a beautiful ceremony. All the guests in attendance loved her and the ceremony conducted. She is a great person to work with, always available and able to make any necessary changes in a blink of an eye. Thank you Katherine for such a wonderful wedding! We love you!

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Katherine - Orlando Wedding Ceremonies

Katherine T. Imundi, Orlando Wedding Officiant


I am originally from the UK and still have my British accent, so from your ceremony point of view, it would certainly set your wedding apart and be totally unique...

All types of Wedding and Venues throughout Central Florida, Orlando, 

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Adding Readings/prayers (familiar & off-beat)
Rituals/rubrics: Unity candle, pouring of sand, hand-fasting, passing the rings​....

Wedding ceremony that’s uniquely yours 
Ritual involving practices from diverse traditions?
A ceremony that is secular, or perhaps spiritual but outside mainstream religious tradition?
To bridge your families’ faiths and expectations in a way that is both respectful to them and consistent with your wishes?