​​Virtual Marriage Vow Renewals
As, we are now under quarantine for weeks or months, why should you wait to have your Renewal of Marriage Vow’s Ceremony?
Don’t let this horrible Corona virus steal your happiness

Let’s enjoy your happy ever after 'Renewal of Vows' Ceremony -  Let's invite all your family and friends to watch in the safety of thier homes and watch virtual streaming, that way everyone will be able to attend (virtually) and hear and see you both say ‘We still do’

Officiant Katherine Imundi, offer's you both a fun Facetime chat to get to know you both, along with your story, that way your ceremony will be personalized and tells the story of you as a couple or family
Remember…This is just like on your wedding day, so dress to impress, add people who you would normally have be apart of your wedding renewal party/renewal, that way when their names are mention they will speak-up or/read a poem/reading etc.

We will be live streaming, so anyone who can attend or if they can’t be present they can always watch and enjoy later…

I totally understand this quarantine/social distancing is a pain…but let's enjoy this moment…bake cakes, decorate, make your ROV whatever you want and have a virtual party

Let Officiant Katherine Imundi know your ceremony vision…If you want a Disney, Wizardly potter, more traditional, modern or something just you both would like…Anything is possible, so when we arrange our facetime, please let me know…What your dream ROV is?

After your virtual ROV ceremony will receive in the mail…

1 x White folder containing 
1 x Printed copy of your Marriage Renewal of vows ceremony wording
1 x Marriage Renewal of Vows Certificate

Please complete the form below to contact Officiant Katherine T. Imundi

Officiant Katherine T. Imundi 

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